The Kelly Jesuit Brothers

As shared by Emmanuel Haambokoma ” Prof. Fr. Michael J. Kelly S.J. was a Brother to Fr. Joseph A. Kelly S.J. ( Youngest ) who worked mainly in the United States of America & remembered for his works with the Students at Colleges & Universities, his Eldest Brother was Fr. Robert Kelly S.J. who also worked in Zambia at St. Canisius Secondary , St. Edmund’s Secondary School then also part of those behind the history of St. Joseph’s Chivuna Secondary School in Monze and also worked in Kitwe as well as St. Ignatius Parish..

When i asked him about one of his lovely Moments with his Priest Brothers ( The Kelly Jesuits ) was when they all celebrated one of the Special Events of the Family and they all came together with Love & Thanksgiving because he also loved to unite & bring together families..

Each time we would visit Kasisi Mission during Jesuit Funerals i remember he would go to visit the Grave site of his late Brother Fr. Robert Kelly S.J. and smile saying Emmanuel please take a photo of me here and in my mind I knew this for him meant Family Honour & Brotherhood in Religious Life.. AMDG “



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