About Us


To unite former students (Canisians) of Canisius Secondary School and foster a supportive network that contributes to the school’s and alumna’ development.


To create a strong and united network of Canisius alumni that supports the school’s growth and fosters collaboration among former students, current students, and school administration.

Key Objectives

  • Unite Canisians throughout Zambia and the diaspora.
  • Promote collaboration between Canisians, former employees, and the current Canisius community.
  • Strengthen relationships between current and former students, faculty, and staff.
  • Facilitate information exchange about Canisius developments and future projects.
  • Raise funds to supplement school-identified projects for Canisius’s advancement.
  • Support initiatives aligned with Canisius’s mission (excluding political, religious, or ethnic activities).

School Motto

Moniti Meliora Sequamur. Having been instructed, we shall follow better things.

75th Anniversary

Information about the 75th anniversary celebration, including special events and initiatives.

Awards and Recognition

Awards and recognitions received by the association.